A name, a history

Camilla is the name given by Bruna and Franco to the Barolo that was originally produced from plots located in Grinzane Cavour, specifically from a vineyard that has always been referred to as “la Camila” by the wine growers. Camilla is one of the four farmhouses that, at the time of Camillo Benso count of Cavour, belonged to the Castello di Grinzane Cavour’s holdings.
Bruna and Franco decided to bring back the name “Camilla” to the label of Barolo that comes from this vineyard, in honour of its origin and history.

Today our family carries on this tradition: Barolo Camilla is produced with Nebbiolo grapes farmed in our vineyards spread over different municipalities and knowledgeably blended to enhance the characteristics of elegance, finesse and balance of this noble wine.

The great virtue of this Barolo is the biodiversity of terroir that make up the different hills where it is produced. Marne di Sant’Agata Fossili geological formation dominates some plots: it shows a high level of clay, little sand and medium quantity of limestone. Others have a soil belonging to Formazioni di Lequio geological formation: this is the oldest soil in the region and is rich in limestone, white marls, shows a good presence of clay and layers of sandstone.

From these vineyards we produce

Barolo Camilla