A majestic hill

Bricco Ambrogio is the only cru in the municipality of Roddi and is situated in the southernmost part of it. It was bought in 2006 and is located on a majestic hill that stretches from south-east to south-west, passing through the south. The flat frontal section makes it well exposed to the sun. As a result the warm microclimate returns in the wine, with unique notes.

The soil belongs to the Marne di Sant’Agata Fossili but, unlike the soil of vineyards used for the production of Barolo Camilla, this one is very steep and shallow, continuously rejuvenates and is made up of grey-blue marls on the surface. The vines thrive in a balanced way and, as a result, the wine shows balance and well-concentrated fruits.

Taken from “Barolo MGA, the Barolo Great Vineyards Encyclopedia” Alessandro Masnaghetti Editore – Enogea – All rights reserved.”


From this vineyard we produce:

Barolo Bricco Ambrogio